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Esther Dunn, M.D.

Dr. Esther Dunn has been practicing ophthalmology for over 20 years. She specializes in comprehensive eye examinations, including exams for glasses and contact lenses. She treats glaucoma and all general eye conditions.

A graduate of the UTMB Galveston Ophthalmology Residency Program, Dr. Dunn received her undergraduate degree at Rice University. She became interested in ophthalmology, and found that it was a perfect choice for women who want flexible hours to balance work and family time. And with five children ages 10 to 21 years old, Dr. Dunn has a very busy home life!

Before joining Coastal Eye Associates, Dr. Dunn worked with Dr. Gregory Clariday at St. John Hospital from 1991-1997. She also worked on faculty at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston and at Heights Hospital.

She began working with Dr. William Lipsky’s team in August 2007, when their new Coastal Eye Associates satellite office opened on Fuqua. Dr. Dunn sees routine exams, diabetic exams and medical patients. She assists Dr. Lipsky with follow-up care and post operative management of eye surgeries.

Dr. Dunn says her favorite aspect of her career is the opportunity to talk with patients about the health of their eyes and how their general health affects eye health. In her off time, Dr. Dunn enjoys traveling to all types of exotic destinations – Istanbul, Indonesia, and Europe just to name a few. She recently traveled to Italy with her extended family.

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